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Stomach Sculpting – Mini Tummy Tuck Pueblo
{Partial Abdominoplasty}

Women with loose skin, stretch marks or resistant fat pockets in the lower abdominal area, usually leftover from pregnancy, can benefit from a less complex procedure called partial abdominoplasty, or mini-tummy tuck. Dr. Marin, working in the lower abdomen area only, tightens and removes excess skin and tightens any stretched out, lower abdominal muscles. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with liposuction. Results include a smoother, flatter lower abdomen.

Stomach Sculpting – Tummy Tuck Colorado Springs

In an abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck,” Dr. Marin tightens and flattens the middle and lower abdominal areas by removing excess skin and fat, and tightening any protruding muscles of the abdominal wall. The incision marks are discretely made along and inside the panty line, allowing the scar to be easily concealed following the procedure.

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